TDR/SRD Drill Grinder

Customize point angles and clearances to achieve the most efficient feed rates for your job!
● Dimensions 10″Wx16″Lx8″H ● Weight 50 Lbs. ● Cast iron, aluminum & steel construction ● Totally enclosed Baldor motor 110V or 230V ● Hardened and ground slide rails ● Drill size capacity and increased versatility varies with each model ● Precise results ● All models built to satisfy industrial quality ● Drill point concentricity is .001″ lip to lip ● Angle range 85° to 160° ● Relief angles 0° to 20° ● Sharpen high speed steel or carbide tooling ● Shipped via UPS ● Made in the USA

80-M Basic Model
Sharpens standard drills, center drills and L.H. drills. Quick web thinning. Rugged construction.
Always ready to be used. Known as a true workhorse!
80M RH, Drills 1/16″-13/16″
LHOP/M left-hand drill option 1/16″-1/2″

82-R Increased Versatility – Same advantages as 80-M basic unit plus additional features for splitting points on standard or parabolic drills. Expandable features include tap and reamer resharpening using our 5C collet holder + indexing finger, your 5C collets
82-R RH. Drills 1/16″-13/16″
LHOP/R left-hand drill option 1/16″-1/2″
PBOP/R Point splitting option 1/8″-1/2″
TROP/R Tap-reamer option taps #10-3/4″ reamers 1/8″-3/4″

82-B-Sharpens drills 1/16″-1-1/2″– Only two drill chucks span the entire drill range and designed to produce all the features of the Models 80-M & 82-R plus offering the convenience of refacing the face of end mills using our specially designed 5C collet holder + indexing finger, your 5C collets. Diamond wheels are available for each model,
82-B RH_ Drills 1/16″-1-1/2″
LHOP/B left-hand drill option 1/16″-1/2″
PBOPB point-splitting option 1/8″-3/4″
TROP/B tap-reamer option taps #10-1″ reamers 1/8″-1″
EMOP/B end mill refacing 3/16″-1″ *
*includes, PBOP/B, point splitting option