Meteor MM 12 US

Brochure Meteor MM-12

For regrinding of right- and left hand small tools as well as engraving tools of all kinds and shapes, milling cutters, radius milling cutters and boring tools

MM 12 US Tool Samples


Grinding range – chuck (optional):0.0079″ to 0.2441″ (0.2 mm to 6.2 mm)
Grinding range – collet:0.0197″ to 0.4921″ (1.0 – 13.0 mm)
Microscope:10 (20) power
Axis:6 adjustable axis with measuring scale
Tool holder:including index, lateral stops for easy positioning
Motor:220/50 Hz (110 V/60 Hz), 75 W
Wheel Speed:5400 rpm
Grinding Wheels:Carborundum, Borazon and Diamond
Net Weight:77 lbs. / 35 kg
Required Space:19″ x 11″ x 19.7″(480 x 280 x 500mm)

*All prices & specifications subject to change without notice.