Easy-Point Grinder EPG1

Radial relief grinder

Drill grinding machine for two-fluted drills diameter 3 – 30 mm  (HSS/Carbide). Grinds a radial relief drill point and is very easy to operate. Point angle 90° – 140°. Depth of web thinning infinitely adjustable. Re-sharpen 90° countersink tools. Wear parts are hardened and hard turned. An innovative drill grinder – Swiss Made

Drill Point Samples EPG1

EPG1 radial relief grinding demonstration

Technical data

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Re-sharpen your drills according to your materials and your machining requirements – quick, simple, precise, cost effective.

Cutting drillsHSS and solid carbide
Drill diameterø 7 – 20 mm
(option ø 3 – 8mm)
(option ø 20 – 30mm)
Option countersinks 90°ø 4 – 23,4 mm
Point angle90° – 140°
Depth of web-thinning  infinitely adjustable
CBN grinding-wheel (for HSS drills)ø 118 mm
Option diamond grinding-wheel (for carbide drills)ø 118 mm
Motor250 W
2900 RPM
Electrical connection230 V / 50 Hz (230V / 60Hz)
Space requirement (L x B x H)300 x 400 x 200 mm
Net weight22 kg / 45 lbs

Standard equipment

1 complete collet set for drills diameter ø 7 – 20 mm
1 grinding-wheel CBN diameter ø 118 mm (for HSS-drills)
1 operating manual with list of spare-parts


Set of collets for drill diameter ø 3 – 8 mm
Set of collets for drill diameter ø 20 – 30 mm

Diamond grinding-wheels diameter ø 118 mm
for solid carbide drills (VHM)