Mega Point Optical Drill Grinder Light

Optical drill grinder for point grinding, point splitting and point inspection in one clamping. Drill diameter range from 0.080 – 5/8″ (2-16mm). Optional to 3/4″ (20mm)

Standard Equipment
Built-in optical projector screen with 10 power lens (optional zoom lens)
Collet holder and set of collets for 2-16mm range
Built-in point thinning
Built-in wheel setup stop
Double sided CBN wheel 100/200 grit
Built in dust collector interface
Operator  manual & parts list (pdf)

Drill Capacities: 0.080” to 5/8” (2 – 16mm) Optional to ¾” (20mm)
Materials: High speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide
Drill Types: Twist drills, 2 flute drills
Grinding Capabilities: Point angle 90° to 150°, Cutting angle 0-20°, Relief angle set to 30°
Motor: 0.3kW (1/2 hp), 110V, 60 Hz AC, 2800 RPM
Dimensions: 17” x 14” x 18” (approximate)
Weight: 77lbs (35kg) approximate
Color: Blue / Grey