Handheld Grinding Wheel Dresser

Quick application, no setup required. Save expensive Diamond/CBN wheels. Pricelist download/print
With this method the grinder will more likely apply the dresser to true and shape the wheel since he does not have to setup anything.  This will allow him to quick fix the wheel and ultimately save money and get better surface finish.

CH-1001-DDresser including silicon carbide wheel for Diamond & CBN grinding wheels350
CH-1001-VDresser including diamond cluster wheel for Vitrified wheels580
CH-1001-01Dresser tool set 25
CH-1001-02Standard silicon carbide grinding wheel 2″ 50
CH-1001-V1Cluster diamond wheel280
CH-1001-03Short handle option for dresser 25
CH-1001-GGuard, protects the grinding wheel, mounts over handle 75